Skincere Day Cream Review!

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I’m becoming more and more conscious about what goes onto my skin and after reviewing my routine I had a desperate need for a good day moisturiser that isn’t full of crap ingredients.

After scouring a lot of natural skincare I found the Skincere Day Cream which is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, it’s not a cheap product but I’ve found myself more willing to invest in good pure skincare.

Its £24.99 for 50ml so it doesn’t cost the earth but its still a good chunk of change, but for how clean the ingredients and brand is I definitely wanted to give it a shot.

As I said the formula is very natural, in fact its 100% natural with no preservatives, alcohol and synthetic fragrances, its also free of wheat, soy, dairy and nuts so if you have any allergies this product is perfect for you ( but please read the ingredients yourself if you have allergies and make your own decision )

So what does it have in it? Now I’m not a skincare expert so I don’t understand a lot of the ingredient but I do know it does have Shea butter, coconut oil, oats and sunflower seed oil. There are plenty of other interesting ingredients but to be honest I have no idea what most of them mean.

But what I do know is that my skin LOVES this stuff! The consistency is a little off-putting as when you put the cream on it leaves a white cast until you properly rub it in, it can be a little scary and thick but once properly applied it sinks right in.

The Skincere Day Cream is hydrating but doesn’t feel thick and heavy on your face, instead of feeling wet and a little too much it just balances your skin out. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone with dry skin as you may need something a little stronger than this product but for oily to normal skin, this is perfect.

I found it works well under makeup but because it’s a very neural product it does not have any SPF so you need to use an SPF primer or something on top, which you should use anyway as you should not put SPF directly on your skin but layer it over moisturiser.

Overall Skincere Day Cream is a lovely pure product that leaves your skin naturally moisturised and works well as a base under makeup or just plain SPF you can pick this up on their Website and you used to be able to buy it inHolland & Barretts but unfortunately its no longer in stock and I’m not 100% sure if they are going to keep selling it, which is a massive shame because its such a nice product.

Have you used this before or do you have any pure skincare products or brand recommendations please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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