Matt And Nat Purse Review!

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Looking for good quality purses when you don’t wear leather is hard! I love my label’s but I won’t buy anything as cruel as leather anymore and unfortunately, most good quality fashion products are leather! so im happy to give you this Matt And Nat Purse Review.

It is beautiful and kind of reminded me of Radley! I’ve heard good things about the brand so I decided to take the plunge and buy one of there small purses.

Matt And Nat Purse Review!

Its also in the same price range as Radley so it doesn’t break the bank too much. I got the purse for £40 but its now £52, I’m not sure why the price has bumped up but its still worth it in my opinion.

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I needed a smaller purse so I picked the Matt and Nat Watson purse in the colour feather which is a nude, I didn’t want to get anything too bright as I want to keep this purse for a long time and I love to change up my bags so I needed a nice neutral colour, unfortunately, the colour is no longer available which is a shame because it’s a lovely simple colour.

When I got the purse I must say I was very impressed with the quality! its stunning and you would NEVER guess that it wasn’t real leather.

The stitching is amazing and of very high quality which makes the purse look even more expensive. The hardware is simple metal, very clean and minimalistic with a Matt and Nat engraving on the zip.

As I said the Leather looks very real but you don’t have to kill an animal to get the look, I’ve had the purse for 3 months and there isn’t a mark on the fabric and it still looks brand new.

The inside is made of the same leather looking material but the brown lining is made out of 100% recycled bottles which is amazing! I love the fact that they use recycling in their products in a very stylish way.

It has 6 card holders a pocket for my notes and a small zip section for my coins, it also has a flap that I can store more cards in.

I’m not going to lie to you guys the purse is definitely bulging with cards, I’m the kind of girl who signs up to reward cards all the time so I have a lot of cards and not so many cardholders.

Matt And Nat Purse Review!

But I can fit 15 in this one which is impressive for such a small purse and though it is bulging a little it’s not ridiculous.

So I love the Matt And Nat Purse  but the icing on the cake is that I do really love the brand and what they stand for! Matt and Nat are completely Vegan and the lining in all their products are from 100% recycled plastic bottles, they use PU more than PVC as its better for the environment and they regularly check their factories and look after their workers.

You can learn more about them on their website and id recommend giving their Ethics & sustainability and transparency section a read to find out more about the brand.

It must be obvious by now but I do really love this purse, I hope you enjoyed this Matt And Nat Purse Review and  I think anyone who likes quality pieces would love this plus no animals were harmed and it’s more environmentally friendly so your not harming the planet. Thanks for reading Xxx


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