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How To Have A More Ethical Wardrobe

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Becoming cruelty-free is a very long journey that starts in all areas of your life, I’ve started with my beauty products and overall lifestyle but my fashion is still a work in progress. Like everything, there are different levels of to being cruelty-free and the awareness that you have but these are my tips for having a more ethical wardrobe.

Looking at the label –

When buying clothes on the high-street it’s impotent to look at the label to make sure its cruelty free, sometimes it can say its made of cotton but have 15% wool as well this also pays off when looking at luxury options as you will be amazed at how many brands sometimes use cruelty free fabrics by accident.

Know Your Fabrics –

You need to know what you’re looking for the big no-no’s are Fur, Leather, Silk and Wool but there are many other fabrics with different names that are also not cruelty-free like Aba, Alpaca, Cashmere, Suede and Viyella these fabrics don’t strike you as not vegan but are in fact cruel. The fabrics you should be looking for are Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Satin, PU these are the fabrics that aren’t harming animals to make.

Know Your Brands –

I love luxury fashion but its hard to get hold of a luxurious piece of clothing that doesn’t harm animals luckily there are new brand popping up all the time nowadays which specialise in making good quality vegan fashion or are transparent about the material they use, brands like Angela Roi( I have one of there bags and I love it full review Here) Alexandra K, Charlie Feist, JW Pei, By Blanch, Matt And Nat and Reformation. These are just some of the amazing brand that I’ve heard of and would like to buy from (wish List coming soon)

Cruelty-Free Or Eco-Friendly? –

I started weeding out the animal fabrics from my wardrobe 2 years ago but its not till very recently that I realised that my wardrobe wasn’t exactly ethical, just because I don’t have animal fabrics doesn’t mean its eco friendly like PVC that does not hurt the animals but it definitely hurts the environment so now I’m looking for more sustainable fabrics like Bamboo, Lyocell and fabrics made out of recycled materials like plastic bottles.

These are just a few tips on how to get a more ethical wardrobe and I do understand its hard to be completely ethical as every time I think I’ve got an entirely ethical wardrobe it turns out I’m missing a component like how eco friendly it is or how well the workers making the fabrics are treated it is all a Journey and we all have to start somewhere so please don’t give yourself a hard time! do your research and find the best fashion pieces that work for you and are as ethical as you can get your hands on.

Now I also want to mention that you don’t want to just throw all your leather, silk and wool away that would be just wasteful and disrespectful to the animals that died please donate your fashion items to charity as this can benefit a good cause, have you tried any of the vegan brands I mentioned or do you have your own favourites comment below or send me a tweet id love to know. Thanks For Reading Xxx

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