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Making The Connection With Animals And Food

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I loved Meat for a long time my favourite was Lamb shank, chicken in white sauce and many other dishes but I never really made the connection between animals and food.

We have so many different names for the same thing sausages, bacon, a burger and many others that desensitise the fact that this is a dead animal that we are eating.

It was a scary realisation when I thought about where my food was coming from, everyone one knows that beef comes from a cow but if you picture a cow in the field grazing and minding its own Business then look at your stake it hits home that this used to be a living breathing animal.

Even when it’s in the name Lamb shank it took me many years to realise it wasn’t some sheep that died of old age but a lamb sometimes as young as 6 weeks old, I never in a million years thought that they were that young even though the name gives it away.

I generally think people don’t realise that animals died for the meat we eat, I understand that its easy to say I know a cow died for this and roll your eyes at the question, but thinking about them going to an abattoir to be slaughtered isn’t what you think of when you go to Tesco’s to buy some bacon and chicken nuggets.

Everything is cut sealed and delivered straight into your mouth how are the population really going to understand what happened for it to get there, we don’t see hanging dead animals anymore the most you will see is a leg. We also don’t have to take the guts and feet and other things that make an animal a living thing, just the breast, thigh, and other parts that are already cut and ready for cooking.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you feel sick at the thought of a pig that has only been in this world for around 6 months being herded into a slaughterhouse and killed then you should really think about where your food is coming from because that is where the sausages you have for breakfast came from.

I’m not asking you all to go out and become vegetarians and stop eating meat (though that would be great) because it’s not all about meat everything these days are packaged ready to be sold and I think we all forget where our food actually comes from.

I would love for people to be less ignorant and more educated about where their food comes from and the animal that died or was exploited for the meal on your plate that you may eat half of then throw away so please do your own research on the subject. Thanks For Reading Xxx

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