Glossier Stretch Concealer Review!

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For Christmas, I was a very Lucky girl and was given the Glossier Stretch Concealer in medium. I was so excited to own a glossier product as I’ve been eyeing up the brand for a while, I love the brands simple and natural makeup ecstatic and can’t wait to try some more products.

Glossier Stretch Concealer Review

Why I’ve been eyeing and not buying is because its quite expensive the Stretch Concealer cost £15 for 4.8g not too bad but enough money to make me think twice and because you can only buy Glossier online in the UK so you don’t get to try out or physically see the shades before you buy them.

Straight away I noticed when researching this product that they only do five shades so it may be hard to find one that matches your skin tone luckily the texture of the concealer is very forgiving.

There Moto is makeup that lets skin look like skin! And I really think this just sums up the product, in the concealer pot it does look very oily which, to be honest, scared me at the start but when applied to your skin it looks very dewy and natural like really healthy skin but if you prefer matte concealers then you WILL NOT like this as its still quite dewy even when you use a powder on top.

The coverage is pretty light so to cover my spots (acne) I usually layer twice but it does give a beautiful natural finish instead of a thick fake matte look, under the eyes it looks very natural and you could just leave it after one layer but I prefer two in the darkest area’s of my eyes. If you want more coverage I love using this concealer with a foundation underneath to really have a polished perfected look.

The lasting power is ok but it could be better. When lightly dusting powder over the top it lasts around 6 hours. So not the best, I want my concealer to stay put but in the end, that’s why it looks so fresh and natural.

The ingredients are really good with Beeswax, Avocado, Jojoba oil and Cocoa butter but the best bit is what isn’t in it! Paraben free, Fragrance-free and it’s hypoallergenic and Cruelty-Free!!!!!!

Overall I do really love this product and would repurchase again! If you really love natural makeup you have to try this concealer, what are your favourite picks from the Glossier brand please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx


After trying this out for a longer Period of time, I found that it was a little too yellow toned and dark for my skin tone if you have a lighter complexion like mine you will need the shade lighter, I will be trying this out when I’m more tanned to see if it works better.

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