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Will You Ever Mentally Recover After An Illness?

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I was chatting with my mother the other day and she told me she wished she could give me a magic pill to make me better and I thought if I was suddenly cured would I be fine! And I realised no I wouldn’t be fine and that’s a scary thought so will you ever mentally recover after an illness.

I started getting ill at 13-14 and because of that I lack the social experiences most people have that help you develop into a confident adult, I realised how much I have missed out on in life and if I was suddenly well It would still take a lot more work to be better and have a full life.

And I don’t think people talk about this enough on how people but especially people who get ill when their young lack life experience and how even if they get better they are still lacking that life experience which most people take for granted.

I know what you’re thinking why don’t you just get out there and experience those things now? But I find people aren’t as excepting about you being naive and inexperienced when you’re in your 20s, sure it’s cute when your 13 and socially awkward but when you get older it gets a lot less cute really quickly.

And here comes my deep fear of the unknown as for me and many others it is COMPLETELY unknown! We have no point of reference like most people have.

And I find most people don’t care about this aspect of being ill and there isn’t a lot of talking about it, as its embarrassing but I do want other people to know that its not just you, how are we supposed to know things when people are learning them in school, in their first job, socially! while we are stuck at home sick.

Making these leaps are scary going to a club putting yourself out there, I never went to my prom or a house party so how would I know how to act at a club? But I do think this is a common problem which people don’t talk about.

I know this is a little bit of a rumbly post and I haven’t done one on illness in a while but this really struck me the other day and got me thinking! Do you have similar feelings please tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading Xxx

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