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In the winter you could have the most luxurious beautiful clothes but if you have a horrible coat then all that effort goes to waste…

The coat is what everyone else see’s so if it’s not a good one your winter style is kind of screwed!

Why You Need A Good Coat This Winter

That’s why I think it’s important to get a really nice (cruelty-free) coat that is good quality and will last you for years.

Now, this is all personal preference as everyone has there own style but these are the things I think you need in a good winter coat.

• Form Fitted

I find that a lot of winter coats really swamp your body, you lose your curves and waistline so I like to get a form-fitting coat with a belt to really entice your waist.

• Warm… But Not Too Warm

You want your coat snuggly and warm but not stifling! Make sure it’s in between so you don’t overheat every 5 minutes especially when your popping in and out of shops

• It’s All About The Details

When you buy a nice coat and it’s not from a luxury designer the details usually let you down like the buttons and other hardware so make sure you either buy a coat with good details or replace the buttons with something nicer.

Those are my must-have tips for getting a good coat for the winter, I was also going to mention the colour of your coat but I think that’s up to personal preference I do recommend either going with a very bold colour or completely neutral.

Also what price range should you go for? I think for a while don’t buy anything too expensive, find your style and when you notice you’re Wearing the same thing over and over again then buy a long lasting good quality coat.

My coat is a hand-me-down from my mother who got it from Red Herring which a very good quality premium highstreet shop in Debenhams it cost around £40-£50 so not ridiculously expensive.

Why You Need A Good Coat This Winter

It’s now around 5 years old and still going strong and I bring it out every year as I love the style and details of it.

What is your top requirement for a winter coat? Warm? Stylish? Bright? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading Xxxx

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