Foreo Luna Go Review! Do You Need It?

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Last Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Foreo Luna Go, and I was very happy to have this tiny cleaning device.

I had previously bought the Clairasonic but found it too harsh on my skin and the brush heads too expensive to keep buying ever 3 months plus it all seemed very unhygienic.

Foreo Luna Go Review

A year onwards and for a long time I feel like it was just sitting in my draw until recently but I do feel I have tested this little device enough to give a review.

It’s not a cheap product at £85 for such a small device, the size of a cotton pad but I find it very effective, it’s easy to travel with and it comes with a handy little poach.

There are four different types of Foreo Luna Go you can buy sensitive skin (purple) which is the one I have, normal skin (pink) and oily skin (aqua) so there is a lot to chose from.

I know this isn’t the cheapest product in the world but you don’t have to keep buying replacement heads and its made of quick-drying nonporous silicone that resists bacteria build-up, and very easy to give it a quick clean by running it under hot water and using soap.

Foreo Luna Go Review

To really pull the rubbish out of your skin and get rid of the dead skin cells it has T-Sonic pulsations which are still very gentle and because of the size, it’s easy to get into the nooks and crannies of your face.

There is also an anti-ageing side on the back that if I’m honest I don’t really use but it’s a nice thing to have, it uses lower-frequency pulsations that you use on the delicate areas of your face and neck.

I love how easy it is to use just put the cleanser on your face then run the Foreo under the tap, put some cleanser on it then start lightly rubbing it on your face. The Foreo Luna Go does all the work so you shouldn’t press down hard plus it has a timer so you know when to move onto the next section of your face.

My skin feels so SOFT and SMOOTH after using this, it also feels a lot cleaner than when I just use my hands.

The charge is ok, it lasts about 30 uses each charge plus its completely waterproof which is a very good thing as id be very worried if it wasn’t I don’t like how long it takes to charge usually all day.

I don’t think this device is a miracle worker and in my opinion, its not a must-have product but if you want to invest in your skin I would highly recommend as it does help my skin making it more glowing and clearer.

Whatever you do don’t mix up the Foreo Luna Go with the Luna Play or Play Plus as the Play is a COMPLEAT waste of money with only a 100 uses then you just have to throw it away!

Would you buy this product? Please tell me in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by putting in your email. Thanks for reading Xxx

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