Angela Roi Bag Review! Luxury Vegan Handbag?

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One of the hardest things about my cruelty-free journey is that I have always loved luxury bags and luxury clothes in general but when I started realising what I was wearing and how cruel it was I started transitioning my wardrobe to more vegan based materials. But the bags were a big problem for me I love designer things and except Stella McCartney I didn’t know any designer vegan bag brands until I started looking on Instagram and found Angela Roi Bags…

I love Instagram for finding new brands and this is where I first found out about Angela Roi bag, There bags are classic and beautiful and you wouldn’t know that there not made of real leather. I also liked that they were proudly Vegan and cruelty-free not just by accident.

So I saved up my pennies and went on their website I was so excited and picked the bag I wanted the Sunday Mini in the colour Bordeaux but when I went to shipping I realised they only shipped to the US! I was devastated! I looked around for a shop that stored it and shipped to the UK. Luckily I found Naturismo and bought the bag straight away for £160 ( but I think I got a small discount for shopping with them for the first time Maybe 15%?)

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Now Onto The Review Of The Angela Roi Bag …

I really wanted a smaller bag so I knew it was going to be small when I bought it I was a little bit scared it may be too small at 8″(W) x 6.5″(H) x 3.5″(D) but I was blown away by how much I can actually fit into this small bag on a daily basis, I definitely have my phone the OnePlus3 which is big! 152.7mm x 74.7 x 7.35 mm so that takes up a lot of room. My iPod touch, small purse, small camera, tablets and tablet tin, tiny notebook and blotting pads. These are all always in my bag but I also sometimes have a foldaway Radley bag (that I cant find at the moment) so I can fit a lot in my bag quite comfortably.

This bag has a zipped pocket inside and out and also has a big phone pocket and as I said about all the bags from the Angela Roi brand this bag is BEAUTIFUL!

The style is the Sunday Mini and it looks very classic and elegant plus you would NEVER know it wasn’t real leather. I got it in the colour Bordeaux which is an amazing burgundy colour perfect for winter with gold hardware, I’m not going to lie I’m on the fence about the gold hardware it has no scratches and looks nice and well made but I feel like it’s a little too shiny? I don’t know what it is but it doesn’t scream luxurious but that might be just me please comment below if you feel the same or completely disagree.

What does feel luxurious is the little details the stitching is perfect the lining of the bag is the perfect cream colour and I absolutely love the engraved logo/name on the back also the little faux leather ribbon and the little gold studs on the bottom of the bag, their attention to details is brilliant.

I’m also a big fan of the strap ( 23) which can be adjusted easily and works well cross body or just hanging on your shoulder. I also love that you can just clip it off and have a simple handbag.

The quality so far is brilliant I have a dog and he sometimes scratches my bags ( Which Is DEVASTATING) and it hasn’t affected the bag whatsoever, the hardware as I said is pretty much pristine if you look really hard I guess you can see a few small scratches on the lock but otherwise perfect.

Obviously, I am extremely happy with this bag and have my eye on the next one I want the Eleanor Satchel, Please tell me in the comments if you liked this post. Thanks for reading Xxx

You can get the bags on their website in the US – Here

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