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How To Easily Prep For A Special Event!

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I can’t believe it but I’m turning 21 on the 18th of November!!! And for a celebration my family is taking me to the Ritz! So i thought id do a post on how to easily prep for a special event.

How To Easily Prep For A Special Event

I’ve been very fortunate and have been to the Ritz on a number of occasions but it’s such a special place that I never get bored of it.
But I’ve been ill for the last 3 weeks so I haven’t had much time to prep for a big event so these are my quick tips on how to get ready for a very special event in 5 days.

  1.  Drink At Least 1 Liter Of Water A Day!

I know you’re always supposed to drink 2 litres a day but let’s be honest not everyone does, so at least 5 days before an event I try and drink at LEAST 1 liter a day.
When I drink more water I feel slightly more energised and my skin looks at LOT clearer, more hydrated and glowing so I’d highly recommend trying to drink a lot more water before a big occasion.

2. Masks, Masks, And More Masks!

Try and do a few masks a couple of days before a big event, maltie masking is brilliant for targeting different areas of the face.
With deep detoxifying masks make sure you do it a couple of days before your event as you need time to eliminate what comes to the surfice of your skin before the special day.

3. Shave And Moisturise Everything!

It’s winter and let’s be completely honest with ourselves we usually don’t shave as much. it’s winter we need the extra warmth, if your fine with some extra hair don’t worry about it but personally I like to be clean shaved all over for an event and that takes a long time.
So the week before start de-wolfing yourself slowly while your in the shower so you don’t have to do it all in one day.
Don’t forget to moisturise we want our skin smooth for that special day.

4. Step Up You’re Skincare

You want your skin to be the best that it can be so maybe put some extra time into your Skincare, I wouldn’t recommend trying anything new or you could have a bad reaction to something just stepping up your skincare routine with some exsfoleating acids that you’ve already tried on your skin and maybe an extra hydration step.
5. Get Everything Ready Before Hand

Make sure you know what your wearing and your accessories before you go so there is not last minute stresses on the day. Don’t forget to  try everything one as well because some things look fine in your head but not in real life ( as I found out myself) and you will be rushing around last minute.
So these are my easy tips on how to prep before a big event I hope you find some of this helpful, if there is anything else you can add that is useful please feel free to put it in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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