Coconut Oil As A Cleanser?

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I’m trying to be a bit more selective of what I put on my skin particularly my skincare as I feel with makeup I can just cleanse it away but if the cleanser is full of chemicals, I’m screwed!

Coconut Oil As A Cleanser

That’s why I’ve been trying to go more toxic free with my Skincare and what’s more natural than coconut oil?

But don’t be fooled not all coconut oil is the same make sure you have organic virgin coconut oil otherwise you could still have chemicals in it.

Now onto the big question does coconut oil  work as a cleanser? And in my opinion, it does and very well too!

I know some people think that putting oil on their face would make their skin more oily but it’s really not the case, I find that when I use coconut oil as a cleaner it keeps me moisturised and gives my skin a natural glow without looking greasy!

Also, it takes off all my makeup easily especially mascara which I find particularly hard to take off but this does it with ease.

Coconut Oil

You can get a massive tub of coconut oil 920g from Holland and Barrett’s for only £21 that will last you around a year as you only use a pea-sized amount for your entire face or you can buy one from Amazon £5.99 250ml.

Its also so simple to use just warm it up in your hands then massage into face and eyes to get rid of all the makeup, then wash it off with a wet cloth and your done! A moisturised clean face with no harsh chemicals seeping into your blood stream.

Would you use coconut oil as a cleanser? Please tell me in the comments also remember I’m not a doctor or a skin specialist so this is all my own opinion. Thanks for reading Xxx

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