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I’ve been feeling very ill recently, I have practically been sleeping my life away and finding it hard to deal with the pain of my fibromyalgia. But only a few weeks ago I was feeling well and happy what has changed since then and now? The weather.

I have found a direct link from my illnesses to the weather before it was very hot ( for England anyway) and there was nothing but blue sky’s, now everything Is black and its raining.

I’m not saying that if it’s good weather I’m automatically cured or that I cant have bad days when it’s sunny outside but I do notice a dramatic difference in my mood and health when the weather changes.

When I’m on holiday in a sunnier climate I find I have more energy, less pain and in a happier mood. The same happens in England when the weather is good.

The odd thing is when doing research I found out a LOT of other chronic fatigue suffers find the sun makes them more tired and drained this is the complete opposite to my experience.

On the other hand research for Fibromyalgia is very promising saying that a lot of us are vitamin D deficient and the sun can help relive our pain.

This is unfortunate for people who have both illnesses as the sun can be good for one but not the other I count my blessings that I’m one of the lucky ones who find the sun beneficial for both.

I sometimes think about living somewhere hot but I don’t think I could leave family and friend’s and I really like living in England.

Do you find that the weather helps your Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia? Would you be willing to move to a different country to help your health? Please tell me in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for reading Xxx

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