Lush Tea Tree Toner Review!

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Here is my Lush Tea Tree Toner Review!

Lush Tea Tree Toner Review

The Lost Blog Post !!!! I found this while searching through my old blog post please keep in mind that this is very old but the information is still good! Enjoy…

I’ve always enjoyed trying new products but you always have one thing you always come back to, for me this is Lush Tee Tree Toner.

First, I love how the company is organic and don’t test on animals. Plus you know your not unknowingly putting lots of chemicals on your skin the employees I’ve encountered have always been helpful, polite and friendly though they do swarm you when you come through the door.

The one big down side id like to quickly mention is that they don’t have good sales and though their prices are pretty good for the pure ingredients you are getting it would be nice if you could get free samples or 20% off sometimes.

The packaging is super simple plain black plastic recyclable bottle with a bit of information on the ingredients, who made this product and the use by date.

A plain spray bottle head with a see through cap so it is easy to travel with and won’t accidentally spray in your bag, my only complaint is that when you spray it on your face its comes out in one big thick blast when you really need wide spread light spits.

Now onto the actual formula and what it does for my skin, I have combination spot/acne prone skin I have tried Tee Tree before at Boots but have always found though it clears up my spots, it is too harsh for my skin, but because the Tea Tree in lush is diluted with water it makes it much more friendly to sensitive skin and doesn’t give me an angry rash or lots of redness.

As my skin has cleared up a lot? (Hurray)?? I’m going by when I first bought it around 3 years ago so bear with me and my rubbish memory back then I didn’t have horrendous deep denting spots but they were still red and annoyed me! making me very self-conscious.

After about a month and a half, I saw my skin starting to clear up and the redness reduce again this is not a magic spray it is highly unlikely to give you perfect skin but its defiantly a product that will help you get there.

I’m not sure how well it works on different skin types but my father ( who is 50 Shhhh) uses it and has said how it has helped his skin immensely.

This is also a good product for lazy people (ME) as all you have to do is either spray it directly on your cleansed face or spray it on a cotton pad and then apply moisturiser and you’re good to go!!

Thank you for reading this Lush Tea Tree Toner Review please leave a comment if you have used this product or if you liked this post. Xxx

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