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Should You Go To Charity Shops?

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Unfortunately for a long time, I had a big stigma against charity shops, I found them dirty, dingy and very chaotic. I hadn’t stepped into one in years until last week, it was still chaotic but a lot of the clothes were clean or brand new and I had a really nice time shopping in there, looking around seeing the ridiculously cheap prices when I stumbled across a very soft scarf.

Looking at the label I was amazed to see the brand the scarf came from GIVINCY!!! And the price? £4 can you believe it a scarf that probably cost around £150-£200 was now £4.

I found many other good buys like a gap top and other clothes in good condition so my opinion about charity shops started to change. There are so many benefits in going to charity shops first of all the obvious, your money goes to a good cause helping people who need it most, it’s cheap and you can buy amazing pieces on a budget also it’s all very Eco as you are recycling things that may have been just thrown away.

The downside is the fact that you really have to sift through a lot of stuff to find something you like but really isn’t it worth it with all these benefits?

So my answer is obvious, I think everyone should try and go to charity shops!

The thing I’m on the fence about is buying animal exploited clothing like leather, silk, and wool from the charity shop by the time it gets there the damage has already been done but is it hypocritical to buy things like leather even if it is second hand? I’d love your honest feedback as I can see both sides of this debate but id like to hear your thoughts.

Would you buy second-hand wool or leather? Have you ever bought things from a charity shop? Please tell me in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. Thanks for reading Xxx

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