What Is Essence? And Do You Need It?

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There has been a big craze about Korean Skincare and some of the things they use on their skin I haven’t even heard of, the main one being essence so I did a little digging and found out more about it.

What Is Essence? And Do You Need It?

At first I thought essence was the same as a toner but apparently not it’s the skincare step after that, to balance your skins PH after stripping off all your natural oils when cleansing and toning giving you an instant shot of moisture.

I always thought of essence as a very watery formula but apparently, that’s not the case. It can be an array of textures but I found that the thinner the texture the quicker it absorbs.

Essence is supposed to be a primer for the skin to better absorb the next steps in your skincare routine, it also targets wrinkles, fine lines, dull uneven skin and gives you an instant shot of moisture.

So how do you use essence? Well not with a cotton pad as it usually just soaks up all the product. The best way is to apply it is to put it on your palms then gently press the essence into your face, try not to be too ruff or pull at your skin.

Now for the big question DO YOU NEED ESSENCE? And my answer is … depends on your lifestyle, if you really don’t want to have an extra step in your skincare routine then you will probably never end up using it but from my personal experience of trying it out for a couple of days is that it fits in surprisingly well with my routine, it gives me a much-needed shot of moisture when I need it most and I do believe it’s helping my uneven skin tone, I have combination skin so I was fearful that it would be too much for my oily tee zone but I found that it has helped reduce it rather than made it worse.

So in my opinion, if you can be bothered to add another step in between toner and serum or moisturiser then id highly recommend giving it a try!

Do you use Essence? If so please tell me your experience in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for reading Xxx

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