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Stress, It’s a big problem for me. Unfortunately, I’m a stressy person who finds it hard to wind down, that’s bad for most people but for me, with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia I have noticed a direct link to when I get ill, so is stress connected to chronic fatigue?

When I get stressed it feels like someone is taking my life force, starting around my head to the tips of my toes it feels like all my energy is draining from my body and I get even more fatigued than usual ( and I thought that was impossible) This is like a massive red flag saying YOUR GOING TO GET ILL SOON, and of cores a few days later I’m in pain.

After this pattern has happened a few thousand times I realised my chronic illness is connected to stress so how to fix this? Unfortunately, you can’t ! Unless you give up the rat race, quit your job and live in the middle of nowhere, you will have to live with stress in your life, there is no way to avoid it but I’ve found a few ways to reduce it.

Now I just want to say these things are not a cure for stress, not even close as id love some of that but these are things I found helps me when I’m stressed.

  1. Drinking Green Tea

I have found that drinking green tea during the day helps me with stress and research has shown that having five cups of green tea each day can help stress by 20 percent.

2. Reading A Book

I find reading a book very therapeutic, helping me to escape the stress and daily life. Any book will do as long as you enjoy it.

3. Light Exercise

I can’t do a lot but a little a day when I’m healthy is very good for stress and mental heath because of the endorphins that are produced when you exercise.

4. Understand When You Can’t Change Something

Some things you just can’t change, it unfortunate but true so excepting that helps with stress.

I know this isn’t a lot but I wanted to be truthful as I am no way an expert on stress relief but i do think there is a conection between stress and chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia.  if you have any good suggestions please leave a comment. Thanks for reading Xxx

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