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I change up my morning Skincare routine a lot depending on what I’m doing that day but this is the main staples that I use religiously and find help my skin a lot.

The Body Shop Vitamin E cream cleanser –

I’ve been using this cleanser for about four months after I ran out of my Liz Earle cleanse and polish and couldn’t afford to repurchase, it’s not as good as that one but it’s not far off.

This is something I use most days in the morning to take off all the excess oil and grime of the night.

You get 250ml for £7.50 compared to £16 for 100ml with Liz Earle, it’s not the best at removing makeup but for morning I just need something simple, it a very moisturising creamy texture that doesn’t strip you of your natural oils but makes your skin feel clean and silky, It is also for all skin types.


Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar water –

I use this when I’m feeling particularly lazy in the morning ( which happens at least twice a week) and can’t be bothered to use my cleanser.

I must confess that I haven’t been using this long so I don’t have a very strong opinion yet It is £3 for 200ml, so definitely a bargain, it doesn’t have an offensive smell and gently removes my makeup, what more to ask for in a micellar water?


Lush Tea Tree toner water –

This is a step after my cleanser to really treat my skin, an oldie but goodie! Costing £4.75 for 100g, it’s easy to use just spritz this on your face and let it sink in. I’d highly recommend this for people with spot prone skin and for sensitive skin as it is diluted by the water so it isn’t so harsh.


Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick –

Used just after my toner has sunk in to really make those spots disappear.

A very simple natural product costing £3.50 or 10ml, it is quite potent so just put it directly on the spot repeat twice a day and it will greatly reduce your spots without chemicals.


(disclaimer, these pictures of the tea tree are not my own)

The Body Shop Vitamin E day lotion SPF30 –

The last step of the day but definitely not least is this little gem, I’ve been using it for about two weeks and have fallen in love! 50ml for £15 it’s not the cheapest but its worth the money as it highly moisturising works well under makeup with a high SPF and with hyaluronic acid! Look out for a full review coming soon.


This is the main staples in my morning skincare routine day to day, I’d love to know what are your must have for clean refreshed skin in the morning? Also if there is anything you want a more in-depth review about please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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