NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer Review!

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UPDATE – Nars is no longer CRUELTY-FREE!!! For An Alternative Read My RMS UN-Cover Up Concealer Review

I hate Cakey makeup with a passion and I find It really hard to find a cruelty free concealer that is high coverage looks natural and non-cakey but I think I have found a good one! The NARS soft matte complete concealer.

Now NARS is a pricey brand so before buying this, I looked everywhere on the high-street for a cheaper option but I just couldn’t find a good one! the main thing I use concealer for is spots and spot scars ( acne, acne scars) that really covers up without clinging to the dry patches.

This product costs £23 for 6.2g so I would recommend trying it out before you buy it, I bought mine at SpaceNK and the lady who helped me was lovely but I always find that they use a heavy hand when applying your makeup, so keep that in mind before you make your decision.

My shade is Light 2 Vanilla, NARS shade range is brilliant with 16 different diverse shades so everyone can find their perfect color.

The formula is surprisingly creamy for a pot concealer with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, then C and E which gives this a lot of moisture, one of the things I absolutely love about this product is the fact it works well under the eyes and on blemishes. This is incredibly hard to find in a concealer, so I was so surprised and makes the £23 more worth it as you have a two in one product.

I will say the color is slightly pinker than I would like for my blemishes but it really helps under my eyes so It’s not that big of a problem, but for people who want an exact shade match its something to remember.

The packaging is classic NARS, simple black and white matte chic nothing else I can really say about it except it is beautiful.

Now onto coverage! for under eyes you only need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way, lightly tapping it into your skin and it covers my blue under eye veins which is quite an achievement. it’s not practically brightening so it just looks like your own skin but better. It doesn’t go into my fine lines that badly but I’d still recommend lightly powdering to keep everything in place.

For my blemishes, I use a precise brush to put the concealer on because spots are usually quite dry I’d recommend making sure your skin is properly moisturised before applying, again I only use a little as it’s very full coverage then gently buff it in with a brush or use your clean finger.

I LOVE the lasting power of this! I don’t reapply during the day (because I’m lazy) so it important it still looks good for as long as it can. I find it lasts about 8-9 hours comfortably then starts to flake off but it depends on how much you touch your face ( please don’t touch your face, it is bad for your skin )

So I think you can guess my overall review, BUY IT!!! walk no… RUN down to you local SpaceNK ( or anywhere else you can buy it) and give it a try. Please tell me in the comments your favourite cruelty-free concealers? Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog id really appreciate it! Thanks for reading Xxx

NARS soft matte concealer SpaceNK

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