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What To Do When Doctors Don’t Give A Crap!

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Now doctors have very hard and demanding jobs dealing with life and death situations all the time, so I highly respect them and what they do but while being ill with Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue and Depression I had some bad experiences with them! They weren’t all bad I had some amazing supportive doctors who really took care of me but I also had ones who dont give a crap, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this blog post.

It took me a long time to get diagnosed with the illnesses I have and a lot of doctors insinuated that it was all in my head, that is something no one should go through, to even have a minute of doughty because a doctor doesn’t believe you. To actually be diagnosed with something I had to go into the emergency room where someone finally gave me an idea of what I actually had.

Then I was referred to a paediatrician, this doctor was terrible he never looked up from his papers, asked me the same questions over and over again and one time he seemed to be showing off to another trainee doctor and said I had eles danlos syndrome, which I DID NOT !!!! Now I understand that they have a lot of other patients to deal with but I had been going to see the guy regularly for around two years and he didn’t know what was even wrong with me? To me, this sounds ridicules also the fact that he never referred me to the M.E Clinique in Bath which I live close to for as long as I had him as my doctor ( since I was 15 – 18 ) gave me the impression that he couldn’t give me the time of day.

Why didn’t you get another doctor, you ask? Because as I said before I respect doctors, and I was young at the time I felt that they must know what they’re doing and were doing the very best for me.

Another bad experience of mine is when I was in a very bad patch with my illness and became desperate for anything that could help and a doctor told me to suck it up and get over it ( not in those exact words but it was plain that she thought I was wasting her time) reflecting back on that moment I should have really gave her a piece of my mind and argued with her but as I was in such a venerable state I just left without saying anything. Afterwards it deeply affected me thinking that I just had to get over it and suck it up! You just can’t do that with an illness!

This all sounds very much like I’m bashing doctors but I have had some lovely ones but unfortunately it’s the bad ones that always stick in my memory so these are my personal tips about what to do when doctors don’t give a crap!

1.  Don’t Doubt Yourself – Take the doctors opinion but only you know your body and if you feel that they are not grasping the seriousness of what your saying make it clearer and be firmer.

2.  Confront them – This is really hard to do when your venerable and ill but if you feel that there being disrespectful, tell them! I always wish I told the doctor how inappropriate her comment about just getting over my illness was, She is a doctor and she is supposed to look after you! even if that means explaining that they have done everything they can.

3.  Do Your Own Research – Doctors are busy but they should still put the effort in with each patient, but sometimes you just have to go at it alone, do your own research try more natural remedies and techniques, its worth a shot.

4.  Try A Naturopath – Now I haven’t done this personally but I’m planning to soon, sometimes western medicine can only take us so far so when you get to the point when they say there is nothing else they can do, try a more natural route! it may surprise you.

I hope you found this what to do when doctors don’t give a crap blog post helpful, again all these opinions and tips are my own and I am not a health professional so please keep that in mind, if you have similar experiences please tell me in the comment also if you enjoyed this post subscribe to my blog and check out the links below. Thanks for reading Xxx

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