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When you hit the early adult stage of your life around 17 – 21 you find that womens body changes and I was one of those people , when I turned 19 I found that I couldn’t fit any of my clothes and that I was gaining weight much quicker than usual, of course everyone knows about puberty and becoming a teenager, having body changes and mood swings  but this I found I was completely unprepared for as i thought i had gone through all that.

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I had always been a size 6 or 8 and then suddenly overnight ( it felt like it anyway ) I was a 10 which was a massive shock! I’ve always eaten like a horse and was lucky enough not to put on any weight considering I usually ate meals for two people and lots of cheese. Also because of my illness my exercise was non-existent. But as soon as I turned 19 I started to notice I wasn’t  as toned, I was gaining a little weight around my stomach and my chest and hips had grown , I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but for me it really was as all my life I hadn’t changed that much then suddenly my body had changed shape  and I started feeling insecure and self-conscious.

It actually took me a good amount of time to come to terms with the fact that my body had changed and I was never getting my old one back, there is no point pining over a completely different body shape when I will always be the one I am now! I’m not saying you can’t tone up your body or lose weight but I will never go from being a curvy girl to a straight thin one so it is very important to embrace it! Your not fat, your body has just changed into a women and that’s natural.


I wanted to write this short blog post for girls who might be going through this and not understanding that it’s a natural change and there is nothing you can do about it no excessive dieting or exercise will change your natural body shape so whatever you do don’t fall into that trap as it may be hard to get out, it may take some time but you will get used to your new shape and you may even grow to love it.

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