Sunday Riley Good Genes Review, Is It Worth It?

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I’ve been feeling low recently and a side effect of feeling low is that I buy things, things I usually wouldn’t if I had my head on straight and this is one of those purchases, the most talked about skincare product Sunday Riley good genes.

I almost passed out when I realised how much I spent on this 30ml non-magically refilling product but what’s done is done and now I can give you a review on whether I was ridiculously stupid buying this or if its worth the money.

Money ! Parting with it at the checkout was hard and I feel that you need to think of me whispering when I tell you how much this little bottle cost, ready? £85 I know ridiculous amount of money for something that could last 6 months I am about half way through and have been using it for about a month and a half so it is going down quickly It doesn’t seem to last that long.

The reason I bought this expensive product is that the ingredients is supposed to be phenomenal and  freshly pressed so it shouldn’t have been stuck on the shelf too long, the main ingredient is Lactic acid which exfoliates the surface layer of your skin making it smoother and yonder looking it also helps plump wrinkles and diminish the look of discoloration and dark spots  the other ingredients are liquorice which naturally brightens skin, lemongrass that tones, arnica which soothes the skin  and aloe that moisturises so some really good stuff.

When I bought this product from Space NK it came in a sturdy box with lots of information that is very useful  but the actual bottle is made of thick glass with sleek black and gold letters and a simple pump that you twist to lock, I’m disappointed to not have a lid as I feel it’s easy to accidently push the pump and then you would lose £10 in just one drop, for the amount of money you’re paying I’d like this to be a lot more secure and have zero chance of spilling.

Before I bought Sunday Riley good genes I’d done some research to see what other people thought about it. The smell came up as a problem but personally, I love the smell. It’s an enquired taste as it is very strong but fresh. You can distinctly smell the lemongrass and liquorice as the main scent which isn’t unpleasant but its more personal preference.

I find It takes about a full pump to do my entire face and the consistency is just right and works well under makeup I use this morning and night  and it works well with my other skincare, I have sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate it at all and don’t be put off by the word acid in the title it won’t burn through your skin I promise but do a patch test just to make sure you don’t have a reaction.

Now for what your all reading this for did it make any difference to my skin and my answer is yes, straight away I noticed that my skin was extremely soft and over the month and a half of using this product I realised  that it has lightened the pigmentation on my skin including acne scars and overall my skin looks a lot more glowing and healthy.

The main thing that I found after using Good genes is the compliments I get on my skin though I haven’t seen any dramatic differences myself everyone else says my skin looks a lot better but can never pinpoint what it is. Do I think its worth the price tag in my opinion? No, I must admit repurchasing this product id have to see miracles so I had very high expectations, I’m not rich and don’t have the spare money to buy this every 6 months or less. Also I’m 20 so even though it helped my skin a lot I think it would be better for someone in their 30s or older.

I’ve  recently ordered lactic acid serum from The Ordinary which is allegedly a good dupe for Sunday Riley Good Genes so I will be doing a comparison soon. Thanks for reading Xxx

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