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Every Women’s Body Changes!

Follow me: When you hit the early adult stage of your life around 17 – 21 you find that womens body changes and I was one of those people , when I turned 19 I found that I couldn’t fit any of my clothes and that I was gaining weight much quicker than usual, of […]

Completely Cruelty-Free Makeup Bag!

Follow me: UPDATE – When I wrote this Nars was still cruelty-free but unfortunately, they have now started selling in China, Everything else in this makeup bag is still cruelty-free Xxx I’ve been buying just cruelty-free products for a while now, but I still had non-cruelty free stuff in my makeup bag as I thought chucking […]

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review, Is It Worth It?

Follow me: I’ve been feeling low recently and a side effect of feeling low is that I buy things, things I usually wouldn’t if I had my head on straight and this is one of those purchases, the most talked about skincare product Sunday Riley good genes. I almost passed out when I realised how […]