Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Skincare!

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I’ve always known that if you want good skin, you have to take care of it with an effective skincare but I didn’t realise I’d been doing so much wrong ! so I thought I’d share some things that do really make a difference to your skin.

Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Skincare

Double Cleansing

Everybody knows you have to wash off your makeup at the end of the day, but I bet you never realised you have to cleanse twice! The first cleanse is to take off all the crap, sweat and makeup off your face, I like to use a micellar water for this step. Then using a good skin cleanser to really treat your face, massaging in the product to clean your pores and rebalance your skin. Just doing one cleanse doesn’t actually help your skin just cleans the top layer and nothing deeper.

Not Cleansing Your Neck

If you think about when you put makeup on do you blend the product down your neck? Yes, do you ever cleanse your neck? No, so now you can see the problem, you are getting a build up of makeup and grime on your neck and not washing it off properly at the end of the day.  I don’t think you should cleanse in the morning just at night as I’m quite lazy and like to be out the door as fast as I can.

Massaging Projects Downwards

Gravity is a girl’s greatest enemy, it wants to drag our skin down and make it look old but did you realise you are probably giving it a helping hand? When you put products on your face and neck always remember to rub upwards not down as this does not help your skin stay firm. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this wrong all these years and I hope I can now reverse the damage I’ve caused by pulling my face farther down.

Don’t Wash Your Face In The Shower

I didn’t know people didn’t wash their face in the shower but apparently the temperature really messes with your skin, dilating blood vessels and capillaries, this leaves your skin really red and aggravated and the constant water can dry your skin out. But if you keep the water temperature to warm instead of boiling like I have my shower and don’t take to long I think its ok to do it now and again. Who has time to get out of the hot shower into the freezing bathroom and wash their face in the sink? Not me.

Over Using Scrubs

This is something I think I haven’t been too bad at  ( pat on the back ) I never thought excessively scrubbing your face off was a good idea but apparently people do this all the time, using a scrub too much can lead to wrinkles, more spots and blackheads its better to use a chemical exfoliant, like the pixie glow tonic or nip and tuck glycolic fix pads to gently rid yourself of dead skin cells instead of scratching your skin off.

Not Changing Your Pillow Case

I’m the most guilty person in the world about this one, I don’t change my pillow case often enough and this can lead to a build-up of oil and bacteria that transfers back onto your skin giving you, even more, spots. Just remember to turn it around and change the pillow case every two nights this should also help your hair stay grease free for longer, so that’s another plus.

Not Using Moisturiser On Your Neck

Your neck is exposed to just as much as your face but gets none of the treatment so this really ages you faster, just remember to cleanse and moisturise your neck using sweeping motions upwards to fight gravity.

Not using SPF every day

Last but not least SPF, people know by now that its very important but I find myself forgetting it on a gloomy day in England but you should use SPF 15+ every day. 80 percent of UV rays can pass through clouds so it is important to stay protected even if it’s freezing outside also 80 % of ageing is because of UV rays so if you keep protected that will go down significantly and you’ll look younger for longer (Yay).

Have you been messing up your skin unintentionally? I certainly have! I really hope this blog post about things you are doing wrong with your skincare was helpfull and I’d love to hear in the comments what you’ve been doing wrong with your skincare ( just so I know I’m not alone )  Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss anything. Thanks for reading Xxx

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