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Let’s Talk About Living With M.E (Chronic fatigue syndrome)

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I’ve debated whether I should talk about this on my blog but I think it’s important that people understand this illness and have a safe place to chat about it and discuss their experiences, so let’s talk about living with M.E

Let's Talk About Living With M.E

I started showing symptoms of M.E when I was in year 8 of school, so I was around 13, the main symptoms of chronic fatigue are feeling unrested after a night’s sleep, chronic insomnia, loss of memory and concentration, muscle pain and Long-term tiredness.

These are just some of the symptom’s that you can have but there are many more, I personally have dealt with Long-term tiredness which is a bit of an understatement imagine feeling of just waking up after a bad sleep and wanting to go to bed but M.E suffers have that all the time, muscle pain, brain fog, insomnia, feeling like I’m going to be sick and stomach and chest pains.

I missed years of school going in and out trying to be normal, it took years before I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, there is no cure or magic pill that can take the pain away, because of the combined illness I was bed ridden for about 2 and a half years. I’m not saying this to scare anyone who has these illnesses there are different severities of how bad you can get and I, unfortunately, was on the bad side and had both of them instead of just one.

There are many cases of people growing out of chronic fatigue syndrome but for the most part, its just learning how to deal with it yourself and you can. One of the most difficult things I faced with this illness was the fact that many people including doctors do not believe in M.E I have had many times with an unsympathetic doctor who thinks I’m just having a bad day and need sleep! You are not having a bad day and of course, you need sleep that’s why you’re at the doctor’s! You deserve their full attention so never think your unworthy or wasting their time its there job to help you.

I still have all of the symptoms of M.E and battle with it daily but I thanks my lucky stars that I am no longer bedridden like I used to be, I’m not going to lie and say I have grown out of it and now have a happy normal life because I don’t, I’ve missed out on a lot and I want to help other people living with M.E cope with this illness. I have only scratched the surface of living with M.E and I’d like to turn this into a series sharing tips and experiences! I’m now 20 so I have had this illness for  7 years and I’m still learning how to cope but I would love to share the things that have worked for me and know what have worked for you.

Please fill free to comment and share this post and I hope that you now know that you are not alone like I thought I was when I first became sick and it gives people who don’t understand chronic fatigue a small insight on what it’s like to live with this illness. Thanks for reading Xxx

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