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My BAD Experience With Boo Tea!

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I’ve been looking forward to getting bikini ready for my holiday for ages doing some light yoga and exercise just to get more toned but that all went to hell when I hurt my back and was no longer able to keep fit.

My BAD Experience With Boo Tea

So I decided to get some detox tea just to flatten my stomach a bit, I had been recommended BooTea from a friend who said she saw a difference in just 3 days and considering that’s how long it was till my holiday I jumped at the chance to try it. Buying it at Boots for £20 for a 14-day detox with a day tea and night, I was really excited to try it starting straight away.

Boo Tea

This Detox Tea claims to be laxative-free, made with all natural ingredients including ginger, lemongrass,  dandelion leaf, and ginseng nettle. You have to drink the daytime tea once in the morning and the night tea at bed, so very simple and easy to use the taste isn’t brilliant but drinkable, I prefer the daytime tea and if you’re a fan of green tea you won’t mind drinking it at all.


Now as you can see by the title I didn’t have a good experience with this tea, it was working fine until the 4th day and YES that is the day I went on holiday so I had this HORRIBLE experience on a PLANE. Everything was fine until I got on the flight, I was feeling a little nausea but otherwise ok, I was lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me and near the back of the plane. After we took off ( I love flying but I get a little nervous about taking off and landing ) I started having some stomach pains and feeling like I was going to be sick so I went to the toilet … I think you know what happened next! The whole 4-hour journey was me in my seat with a sick bag or in the loo, it was not a nice experience and I think I had an allergic reaction to something in the tea. In their defence they do say to get medical help if you have diarrhoea or vomiting but as I was in the air that wasn’t going to happen!


I had a good results in the first 3 days so I couldn’t figure out what made me so sick on the 4th but I guess it was just building up in my system, to be fair I did get a flat stomach but I was also feeling sick for my entire holiday every time after a meal or drink .


So overall I would NOT recommend this boo tea but I have had friends who have had really good results with this detox tea so I might just be unlucky but it’s safe to say I will Not be finishing my 14-day detox! Have you tried Boo Tea? What was your experience, if you enjoyed this post please comment and subscribe to my blog. Thanks for reading Xxx

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