The Body Shop Cushion Foundation Review!

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I’ve tried and tested this product for about two months and I must say I love it! The Urban Decay naked skin foundation will always have the top spot in my heart but the main thing I dislike about it is there is no SPF, unlike this The Body Shop Cushion Foundation.

Body Shop Cushion Foundation

It’s not a cheap product at £18 but you can now get a points card that is very good when you spend £1 you get 10 points and when you save up to 500  points you receive a £5 voucher.

I absolutely love the packaging, its travel-friendly, durable and fairly hygienic with a very clean finish but nothing too fancy, it also has a handy mirror built in. You get a sponge applicator that works relatively well but I prefer using it with a beauty blender as I find you get a better coverage.

Body Shop Foundation

Unfortunately, the colour range is quite poor only having 5 shades. Luckily the shade Fuji Peony is a perfect match for me but it’s annoying that it is not good for a lot of skin tones and I hope they change that soon.

The coverage is light, buildable to medium but it looks very natural, fresh and has a satin finish so it looks just like your own skin, it’s not brilliant for photos as I said before it has  SPF of 25 which Is amazing for an everyday foundation.

The Body Shop

It’s formulated with aloe vera and marula oil so it feels lovely on your skin, like your treating it instead of covering it which I look for in a foundation also I find that it never looks cakey and as you know that’s a pet peeve of mine.

The lasting power is ok, I find that it looks good for about 8 hours but after that, It starts getting flaky on the sides of my nose but nothing really terrible.

body shop

The Body Shop Cushion Foundation claims that its semi-matte with 24-hour moisture, non-pore clogging and good for sensitive skin. The only one I would disagree with is the 24-hour moisture everything else gets a big tick from me.

Overall this was a very good buy on my part and I have received compliments on my skin so I would highly recommend giving this a try! Already have? Please tell me in the comments your thoughts also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by simply entering in your email so you don’t miss any new posts! Thanks for reading Xxx

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