Subtle Winter Glowing Makeup!

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winter glowing makeup

It’s important to have a good winter skincare but it also helps to have a simple winter glowing makeup routine, So these are a few tips, tricks and products to get glowing makeup for winter.

So after doing my winter skincare ( Blog post here) I always love to use a subtle illuminating primer, I don’t want to look like a disco ball so I love something very soft. I use the Emite Make Up diamond heart but its up to you how glowing you want your base to be.

Talking about base I find using a medium coverage, satin and fresh looking foundation the best you don’t want to look flat but I find if you go to glowing on your base it looks more greasy than healthy. I love The Body Shop cushion foundation in peony especially using a beauty blender to apply as it looks very natural, light and dewy.

You also need a nice under eye glow so I love to use a little bit of light concealer under my eyes on my chin and a tiny bit on my forehead use whatever you like, I’m using the naked skin concealer, I’m still on the fence with this product, for a full review read here.

Now for what we’ve all been waiting for the highlighter my favourite is using a champagne colour on my cheekbone’s, cupids bow and bridge of my nose I like to go very light on my nose so It doesn’t look greasy, I love the So Susan highlighting crayon in starlight (Review here). I also love to use a powder shimmering eye shadow over my cheek bones to intensify it a little bit. I use Venus from my Naked Basics Palette.

winter makeup

It’s easy to get washed out with all these brightening products so I always use a bronzer on my cheeks, temples, nose and chin but use a light hand as its easy to pile it on. My personal favourite is the  Soap & Glory solar power bronzer.

Now back to not looking like a disco ball! Just because were going for a glowing look it doesn’t mean we don’t use powder to set our face, make sure you powder your T-zone. I like the Soap & Glory one heck of a blot.

For the eyes, I like to keep it simple with the Naked Basics Palette using the colour naked 2 on my lids, faint on my crease and piling on the inner corner highlight with Venus.

Last but not least is a crap tonne of mascara! I still haven’t found a brilliant cruelty free mascara but at the moment I’m using the NYX Doll Eye mascara in volume.

I hope you found this usefully and don’t forget to look at the glowing skin care routine as you need to use both of these techniques to get the full effect, and as always don’t forget to comment and subscribe to my blog id love to know your thoughts. Thanks for reading Xxx

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