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My BAD Experience With Boo Tea!

Follow me: I’ve been looking forward to getting bikini ready for my holiday for ages doing some light yoga and exercise just to get more toned but that all went to hell when I hurt my back and was no longer able to keep fit. So I decided to get some detox tea just to […]

The Body Shop Cushion Foundation Review!

Follow me: I’ve tried and tested this product for about two months and I must say I love it! The Urban Decay naked skin foundation will always have the top spot in my heart but the main thing I dislike about it is there is no SPF, unlike this The Body Shop Cushion Foundation. It’s […]

Royal Coffee Scrub With Ylang Ylang Review

Follow me: It’s time to scrub off the winter blues and in the winter I really let my beauty skincare routine falter. That includes moisturising and scrubbing my body, so now I’m going on holiday ( Happy Dance) I really need to get my body bikini ready. Now I just want to get this out […]

Subtle Winter Glowing Makeup!

Follow me: It’s important to have a good winter skincare but it also helps to have a simple winter glowing makeup routine, So these are a few tips, tricks and products to get glowing makeup for winter. So after doing my winter skincare ( Blog post here) I always love to use a subtle illuminating […]