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How To Look More Expensive!

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I’ve always loved the expensive look, but my budget doesn’t cover Prada so I have to think of new ways to look like a million pounds. Here are some tricks that I’ve picked up and heard about to help us, classy girls, out.

  1. Ware darker tones of clothing

When you buy cheaper clothes the main thing that gives it away is the seems, the threads are all over the place and look cheap but if you were darker tones black, grey, brown, etc it’s harder to see these things so it looks more expensive.


2. Get a nice handbag  style

I find getting a nice handbag really pulls the look together but if you can’t invest in one try getting a bag that is again in a neutral tone so you can’t see any mistakes or quality, make sure there are no massive logos or bright colours and keep the style simple.


3. Change the buttons

Sometimes it’s just as simple as changing the buttons on your clothes, I find those are a big giveaway on how much it costs, it’s easy to buy more classy buttons online or in a craft store and if you don’t know how to sew you can take it to a tailor or dry cleaning but I think if you ask a member of your family they can do it for you, probably your grandmother.


4. Hit the charity shops

Charity shops are a godsend to use mortal girls who don’t come from a silver spoon family, you may have to do some digging but there are some hidden gems in there if you keep looking, there are also shops like TKMAX who have designer stuff for a reasonable price. The only thing I find with this is that the sizes are not very good so this is one of the times when I highly recommend going to a tailor.


5. Tailor your clothes

I’ve said Tailor it, a couple of times already but if you found something you really like but is too big or it just doesn’t fit right it might be time to go to a professional tailor and get it fixed it is not cheap but if you really love something you may want to invest.


6. Diamond stud or pearl earrings

I love my pearl earring and they make me look a lot more sophisticated and classy they weren’t ridiculously expensive, mine cost around £10 at Accessories. I find that silver shows the most class if you don’t like pearls get a small diamond stud as these look beautiful too but make sure there small as you can’t see the quality so much also you don’t have to go crazy but getting a decent pair £10-£20 will help a lot.


7. Make sure your hair is always clean and put together

This is the one I’m the most guilty of neglecting, Don’t give me that look you’ve done it too, waited a little too long between washes and shoved your hair in a bun to try and cover it, but when I look in the mirror I always look a bit messy and unkept. Simply keeping your hair clean and neat will do a lot for you look. When I say neat I don’t mean poker straight with not a hair out of place, just make sure it doesn’t look like a birds nest.



8. Do your nails

You may not see it at first but when you get a flash of chipped nails that are uneven it instantly makes the look less expensive, I don’t mean getting a manicure every  week but just make sure that they are neat and maybe use a neutral shade of nail varnish. I would invest in a good top coat but  that doesn’t have to break the bank either I’ve heard that the Barry M top coat is amazing but I haven’t tried it myself, also getting a nail varnish that doesn’t chip easily will be best.



9. Make your everyday makeup clean and classy

In this day and age, the high-street makeup brands are very good so you don’t have to go get Tom Ford, Channel or Estee Lauder to have really good makeup, I find really heavy,  cakey makeup looks a lot more cheap than light and fresh. Staying away from bright colours also helps as natural shades seem to accentuate your natural beauty. The main thing that helps is getting the right shade for your colouring as I find its more noticeable if your foundation doesn’t  match your neck or chest .


10. Invest in key pieces

The thing I love to do the most is invest in key pieces like a handbag, coat or shoes  but it can also be small like a scarf, Waring cheaper clothes, then a designer leather jacket ( Vegan leather for me) on top  really  makes your outfit look a lot more expensive, with time you can also start collecting more designer pieces to change your style up a bit.



Was this useful to you? Have you tried any of these tips, please tell me in the comments? Thanks for reading Xxx

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