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One of the things that I hate about winter is how much it sucks the moisture, glow and all around life out of my skin. Don’t get me wrong I love winter ! Christmas, presents, snow and fluffy hats  but I hate how it makes my skin look.


So over the many winters of my life I have come up with a simple routine that helps A LOT with the look of my skin.

The first thing that I find helps me in winter is to Exfoliate and Buff your skin 2-3 times a week the one I’m using at the moment is the Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator £15.75  but whatever you have will do as long as it’s not too abrasive, I find the big mistake people make is to scrub the hell out of there skin every day, when you use an exfoliator don’t press hard into your skin let the product do the work, not you. Also, don’t use it every day as it will do more damage than good.


The step a lot of people forget is serum, this sinks deep into your skin strengthening  the cells and helps your skin  glow and keep hydrated, the one I use Botanics radiance concentrate serum helps a lot with the radiance of my skin but I find I go through a lot but considering the price only £2.50 I don’t mind repurchasing more regularly.


Getting a good moisturiser is very important and I haven’t  found one in a while that has impressed me ,I would recommend  The Body Shop Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser £16 my only complaint is that it has no SPF which you really need in your skin care.


One of the things that is a must in my skin care for winter is coconut oil  if you use it every night I guarantee that your skin will look a lot more radiant  within the week ! Just don’t use too much as it does take some time to sink in. It also helps keep your hair hydrated and shiny I’ve written about the benefits  here


The main thing that is a giveaway for dry and dull skin is cracked lips so make sure you use lots of lip balm also using a lip scrub will help tremendously  with your overall look, I have a blog post on how to make an easy lip scrub here


I know this is obvious but face masks are essential to the winter months,  my favourite mask used to be the Origins overnight mask but I found out it is not cruelty free so I need a replacement, if any of you have recommendations please comment as I have not found anything I can recommend for you at this time.


Last but not least eye cream, you’re under eyes are prone to dryness and wrinkles so it’s important to use this in winter but also all year round.


So I hope this helps you fight the cold and keeps your skin glowing I have a part 2 coming up with my makeup products that help you get glowing skin so keep a look out for that. Have you got any holy grail winter skincare products ? Tell me in the comments don’t forget to subscribe to always be up to date with my posts . Thanks for reading Xxx

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