The Body Shop Charcoal Mask VS Origins Mask!

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Now that I’m cruelty free I’ve had to try and find replacements for the things I love that are not, one of those the Origins clear improvement active charcoal mask is my favourite for detoxifying but I found out that the Origins brand  test on animals so I picked up The Body Shop Himalayan charcoal purifying mask  so lets put them against each other and see what wins or if it’s a suitable replacement.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

The Body Shop Charcoal Mask

The amount you get in one pot is 75ml costing £15 lasting for 12 months.

The main ingredients of this mask is bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil. It’s also 100% vegan with no parabens and silicone, it claims that it draws out impurity’s, refines the appearance of pores and makes your skin look healthy and more of a glow.

It smells herbal, clean and fresh but isn’t overly offensive and I wouldn’t mind putting it on my face. The packaging is a little bit annoying as you have to put your fingers in the pot which isn’t the most hygienic also the texture is very lumpy which feels very weird on the skin.

Now onto the Origins Clear Improvement Mask

origins clay mask

The amount you get is 100ml  for £24 that lasts for 24 months .

It’s for all skin types with the main ingredient the same as the other mask bamboo charcoal and white china clay, it claims to draw out deep pores and absorbs environmental  toxins.

It smells less potent than The Body Shop Mask,  clean and light again I wouldn’t mind putting it on my face. I prefer this packaging a lot more as it’s in a squeeze tube so it’s more hygienic and the texture is a lot smooth and easier to apply.

To test these out fairly I put them both on at the same time, applying it to my nose and chin using a brush to apply the body shop mask and my fingers for the Origins. The body shop was on my left and the other on my right

Straight away it’s a lot harder to put on the body shop mask as its got bits inside and you have to layer it a lot more, the origins mask is smoother and easier to apply especially with your fingers.

Almost immediately I felt a cooling sensation on the left side of my face ( the body shop side) while my right stayed the same, it took 10 minutes to start to become hard and tighten.

It took 13 minutes for the left side to harden but there was still wet patches but this is the problem with the uneven texture of the mask.

There is no time frame on either of these masks which I find annoying  as I’d  like a time so I know how long it will take , I like to leave them on for 10-15 minutes so I know it’s got all the rubbish out of my skin.

I’m not going to lie taking of the body shop mask was a PAIN IN THE ARSE because of the texture and thickness it took a lot more time, probably about 7 minutes while the Origins mask was easy to take off, maybe 3 minutes.

Charcoal Mask

The body shop mask has really pulled out all the crap from my face pulling a very stubborn under the skin spot to the surface it’s taking out the bulk of my blackheads and my skin feels a lot smoother.

The origins mask also did very well pulling a lot of  my blackheads out and making my skin feel very smooth.

origins Charcoal Mask

Overall the body shop did better on pulling out my spots and blackheads but the Origins  made my skin feel a lot smoother, They are very similar masks both doing a good job so I am happy to replace the origins mask with the body shop one but in the end, they do the same thing .

Have you tried either of these masks ? Which one do you prefer or do you think there basically the same, please tell me in the comments.  Thanks for reading Xxx

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