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I’m unfortunately one of those girls who gets sucked into hyped beauty products the beauty Blender, the Clarisonic, the Naked  Pallet and of course the Legend dairy Artis brush.


But who has £44 to spend on a brush that you have no idea if it really works and let’s be honest looks more like a tooth brush then a make up one ? So replicas have been showing up all over the place for a much more reasonable price and recently I’ve been browsing the PS .. Makeup range by Primark which I’ve found out recently is CRUELTY FREE !!! ( please tell me if that’s true ) and I noticed three different sizes of the oval brush I decided to buy the biggest £4 and smallest £2.50.

I must say I didn’t have high expectations for these brushes but I was pleasantly surprised, I should say that I have never tried the Artis brush so I can’t do a comparison but I can tell you if this oval brush is just a scam, so this is my primark oval brush review.

Let us start with the handle of the brush it definitely nothing fancy its all black with the PS…Pro logo on the front it has no grip and it feels very flimsy, when you’re applying the brush to your face its good that its flexible but it does feel like it will break really really easily so I recommend putting your finger on the brush head to keep it steady also it looks very cheap.


Now we get to the thing that really matters the brush head that does look like a tooth brush, it looks like that because the hairs on the brush are so compact and dense but it’s also unbelievably soft which makes it so good for blending makeup.

The thing that I noticed straight away is that it applies makeup very fast unlike other brushes and the beauty blender but you still have to do a lot of blending and you have to make sure that you keep it on your skin while blending and not take it off which just feels weird.


It gives a flawless but natural coverage with no streaks but it doesn’t maximize your coverage if its medium build it stays that way, I was surprised that it didn’t suck up all of the product  into the brush but it held up well and I could do a lot more with a little bit unlike my beauty blender that sucks up a lot  .

It’s disappointing that they only have three size brushes  as I could do with a bigger range but the smallest is good for contour and highlight while the biggest is brilliant for foundation.

I’m a bit torn about using it with thick cream products like a cream contour as it does make the brush very stiff so you may have to wash it after every use but it works well with liquids.


Overall I would DEFINITELY !!! pick up the primark oval brush they may look cheap and the handle may not last long but its good to see if you like it so you can get a more expensive one even  maybe trying the Artis brushes if you want though I think you could find a cheaper alternative, I’ve read that the Iconic London Evo brushes are very good and you get a set of six for £75 Link Iconic London.

Please tell me in the comments if you have tried the Artis or Iconic London brushes and if you’re thinking about picking up the Primark ones ! Thanks for reading Xxx

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