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Recently I’ve been noticing more veins under my eyes  so I decided to get a concealer  that has got some amazing reviews, the Urban Decay naked skin concealer !


I decided to get the colour fair neutral on the sales lady’s recommendation and I can’t tell you how excited I was to try out this product.

The packaging of the urban decay naked concealer simple but sleek looking like a mini sized version of the naked skin foundation which I have also done a review on I Think I’ve Found The One ( Naked Skin Urban Decay Foundation ) ,but the luxury of this product stands out in the way the doe foot applicator was made, the shape is perfect for getting  into the corner of your eye for the best application and it is also very flexible.


Straight away I realised that the colour was too light for me and looked practically white on my skin, I know you are supposed to go lighter than your skin tone but I’m far from snow white, but I decided with a bit of blending I could work with it especially considering this product cost £17.50  for 5ml so it’s not cheap.

I must say it gives very good coverage using just a small amount  but I found that it started to look chalky and accentuates dryness under my eyes even though I don’t have dry skin in the first place.

After trying it for the first time I thought that maybe mine had something wrong with it  but after  a week with the same results and the fact that  my mother who bought the same thing said exactly the same on her first time trying it.


It does have very good staying power and does not crease at all but I find that it looks better in pictures than in real life and real life is why I bought it in the first place.

Overall I was very disappointed in this product as I had heard many good reviews but it just goes to show its all about personal preference and skin type , I would not recommend buying this product and if your thinking about it try the £5.50 NYX HD Concealer first as I’ve heard that is a good dupe for the urban decay, if you have tried this product please tell me your thoughts as I feel I’m the only person out there who dislikes it. Thanks for reading Xxx

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