Should You Cut Out Meat?

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I’ve been a pescatarian now for about  9 months  and I have to say I’m very happy with my choice to cut out meat from my diet and I hope I can make you re-think your diet to try and cut out meat too.

Should You Cut Out Meat pork

I used to be a big meat eater having it everyday and not caring about the continuances for my body or the world around me when I stumbled on a video by Freely The Banana girl and her video was so graphic and horrifying that I clicked off it and was very angry that she showed me these horrible things.

Should You Cut Out Meat Beef

But days after I was still thinking  about what I had saw and it was effecting my eating habits,  making me feel sick every time I looked  at meat, one of the things that really stuck with me is that we no longer see our  meat as living breathing animals just packaged goods that we put in the oven, we no longer associate meat with animals and why should we, it’s unrecognisable as a living thing anymore. Don’t believe me ?



Bacon, ham, beef , burgers, sausages, and veal do you really think pig, cow and baby cow if you think this won’t faze you try thinking and picturing this animal while eating meat .

After I did this for a couple of days combined with my own research of animal cruelty and slaughter  I felt I could no longer eat an animal.

I know what your thinking if she cared so much about animals she wouldn’t eat fish but you have to understand that it is a big change for a meat eater to go vegetarian and if you get too overwhelmed and feel you can’t do it you may go straight back to eating meat, this is a life choice the operative word being LIFE I want to not eat meat for the rest of my life and if I went cold turkey I know I couldn’t do that.


My goal is to be a vegetarian and maybe in the future a vegan but going straight to vegan after meat lover wasn’t something I thought I could cope with so I decided to become  a pescatarian.

I urge you to do your own research on the matter as I know from personal experience that if someone else shows you the facts the first thing you feel is threatened and judged, then you don’t listen to anything there saying as it feels like a personal attack on your character. My thoughts and feelings on this matter are clear but you need to make this decision on your own.


If you are vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian id love to know how and why you decided to change your lifestyle please tell me in the comments . Thanks for reading Xxx

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