Urban Decay, Primer Potion Original Review!

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Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original Review

Urban Decay, Primer Potion Original Review

I’m very lazy when it comes to makeup, I’m definitely a no touch up through the day kind of girl so I like products that keep my makeup on like glue and the golden child of super staying makeup is definitely the Urban Decay original primer potion.

I have done a review on the urban decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Anti-Ageing review  but compared to the original that poor thing doesn’t stand a chance, I tried the original many moons ago when I was just starting my makeup fascination so I never noticed how amazing it was, now I notice.

Urban Decay, Primer Potion Review

Every time I go into my local Debenhams  I’m glued to the Urban Decay counter as it is one of my top brands of makeup and I decided to treat myself to the primer for £16 plus i had £5 worth of points on my Debenhams beauty card so it only came to £11 WHAT a BARGAIN.

The packaging is sublime with an old potion bottle styled and the rest a purple with a metallic sheen, unlike the old packaging this on has a dow foot applicator instead of a squeeze tube so it’s easier to use all the product.

Urban Decay, Primer Potion

As proof,I will do a test showing you how well the eyeshadow lasts with the primer potion underneath


Urban Decay


Urban Decay eyeshadow

Straight away you can see that with the primer has made the eyeshadow stick like glue, which is what you want. I hate it when you have to keep checking in the mirror every 30mins to see if your makeups dripping down your face.

To prove to you further that this primer is pure gold id did something I wouldn’t recommend you do rub your eyes, when your out and about you forget that you have eyeshadow on so sometimes I rub my eyes and then find the eyeshadow smudged around my eyes making me look like a panda, but with this primer underneath …

Urban Decay

It doesn’t budge and I gave my eyes a proper rub something I try to avoid doing even when I have no makeup on so I could really put this product throw its paces.

Overall you HAVE TO GET this product it’s the best primer I’ve ever tried plus its cruelty-free !!!! Comment down below your favorite eye primer id love to have more recommendations. Thanks for reading Xxx

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