Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Review!

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Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Review

Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon Review

I’ve recently tried to get more cruelty-free products so when I was at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges it was like a kid in a sweet shop.

I’ve been looking for a good cruelty-free long-lasting eye shadow pencil, so I decided to pick up the Colour Chameleon in bronzed garnet which is technically for green eyes but the colour is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.

Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon swatch

Compared to my other long wearing eyeshadow pencils this product is pricey at £19 but not a ridiculous amount so I don’t mind buying it.

The packaging is minimal and  chic looking a little bit art deco inspired in burgundy with gold detailing.

Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon pen

I was so excited when I got back to my hotel I tried it on instantly it is a beautiful bronzed colour with a subtle sheen that catches the light perfectly, I was so impressed with the colour and consistency, being very blend-able  and of course before I bought it I did the try it on the back of your hand and rub test. It hardly budged so I was confident in this product and ready to hit the city.

Boy was I wrong to trust this product about an hour later my mum gestured to my eye and when looking  in the mirror I was horrified to see a half on half off mess, this long lasting product didn’t even last ONE hour !!!

Because I didn’t give it a proper test run I thought I would put it through its paces at home where I could keep a better eye on it so here’s how it went !!

12:00 –

Charlotte Tilbury, Colour Chameleon pen eyshadow

To be fair to this product it was a very hot day and there was a lot of sweat going on so the day I am  trying this is a normal English temperature.

14:00 –

Charlotte Tilbury, eyeshadow

I think that when you call a product long wearing it should be in place for about  8 hours I’m not saying it has to be pristine but still wearable.


Charlotte Tilbury, eyeshadow

At this point, there is definitely fading on the crease but it’s just about wearable.


Charlotte Tilbury, eyeshadow  pen


Charlotte Tilbury, eyeshadow pen

As you can see at the end, after 8 hours it looks like a mess, it did do better Then the first time I wore it but still, it’s not a flattering look.

My over all opinion is that this is SO NOT worth the money and is nowhere near long lasting, so save your pennies and buy something else that works.

Please tell me in the comments if you have ever tried this product and your feelings on it? also, id like to apologise for not posting and responding on my blog, it’s a long story but the main reason is that I got locked out of my WordPress account but its all fixed now, and I have a lot of posts lined up so keep a look out, Thanks for reading Xxx

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