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Bleaching My Hair Part 2

I was scared that I would fry my hair if I went back twice to get it bleached but I wasn’t happy with the colour so I decided to just go for it.


She used the same brand of bleach and developer but added more ash to it, covering the same area as before. This time,it took 2 hours and re-applying the bleach halfway through before I got it right, I wish I could have left it longer but my colourist said it would destroy my hair.

Agin, it went brassy so I used a platinum toner  from Scott Cornwall and it worked a treat better than the toner I used before from Bleach London.

The main reason I wanted to bleach my hair in the first place is to experiment with colour so I needed to get it as light as possible to get the best colour I also really wanted  to go pastel but your hair has to be paper white to get the right shade.

But I dyed my hair purple using Colour Freedom, in the end too see if it would give a colour I would like. and I came out pretty good but I do I would like to back in a month or so to get it bleached even lighter.

My hair is in very good condition and I thinks that’s down to the coconut oil hair mask so if you have bleached or damaged hair I would highly recommend trying it. Thanks for reading Xxx

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