How To Downsize Your Makeup Bag!

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How To Downsize Your Makeup Bag

For a very long time, i have had big makeup bags, putting everything but the kitchen sink into it and telling myself it was “just in case” the problem with that is you put things in you never actually use.


But I have recently downsized to a smaller simple bag and it’s so much more convenient, these are my tips on downsizing your  makeup bag.

  1. Buy A Small Makeup Bag-

The temptation of a big makeup bag is to fill it to the brim with stuff you don’t need, getting a smaller one means you have a limited space so you can no longer indulge in the “just in case” mindset.

Downsize Your Makeup Bag

How To Downsize Your Makeup Bag

  1. Empty Your Bag And Put Makeup Into Sections-

When you go through your makeup bag it’s easy to think I need that even though you don’t so putting your makeup into sections like face,eyes and lips help you to visually see what you have.

  1. Take Out What You Don’t Need-

Now you can see everything simply take out what you feel you don’t need.

  1. Go Through Your Everyday Makeup Routine-

One morning when you have a little time on your hands, do your everyday makeup routine with whats in your bag and you will find you  still  have too much or that you have taken something out that you actually need.


  1. See What Space You Have Left-

You’d be surprised how much space you have left in your little bag after putting in your essentials, now don’t go overboard and stuff makeup in whatever space you have left just put things in that easily changes up your makeup look.

These are a few tips on how to downsize your makeup bag I would highly recommend trying it as it makes life a lot easier and if you need to go traveling  unexpectedly you know everything you need is in a little bag. thanks for reading Xxx

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