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How To Take Care Of Your Eyelashes

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I think that long lashes make a big defence to your face and really opens up your eyes.

But we take are lashed for granted and never take really good care of them unlike our skin, hair and other parts of our body so these are a few tips to keep your eyelashes strong and healthy.

  1. Take your Mascara off every night –

Now straight away I’m going, to be honest with you and say that I don’t do this most of the time as I usually forget but it’s still good advice as it does make a difference when I do take it off for a couple of nights.


  1. Have no mascara days –

I do this a lot and have seen a really big difference in my lashes it gives your eyelashes a rest from your mascara.


  1. Take Your Mascara Off In The Shower –

Every time I have a shower I make sure I have a deep cleanse and take off my mascara, it’s easier to do while in the shower.


  1. Lash Care Mascara –

These are a life saver and they work really well and make your lashes less flaky.


  1. Choose Your Mascara wisely 

Try to find a mascara with natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals.


  1. Use Coconut Oil –

Rub coconut on your clean eyelashes before you go to sleep and let the Coconut do the magic.


  1. Use Eyelash Extensions-

Instead of slathering your lashes in mascara try some extensions to have Beautiful lashes as every day without using mascara.


Tell me in the comments if you have tried any of these methods and if you are enjoying JULOGGING so far! Thanks for reading Xxx

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