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Coconut Hair Mask,The Best Thing Ever?

I’ve recently bleached my hair and been very tariffed of it breaking off so I needed something heavy duty to keep my hair strong and healthy.


That is when I found the miracle of Coconut oil for your hair, I’ve used coconut oil for ages for my skin as a cleanser, moisturiser,teeth whitener, eye cream and lots more.

Make sure you have extra virgin organic coconut oil as it the purest and best for your hair, to use it is so easy it’s ridiculous just slather lots, all over your hair roots to ends and leave on for as long as possible.

Because I have bleached ombre hair I find the best way to do it is to cover the bleached area with coconut oil put it into a low bun then cover it with a plastic bag and sleep in it, I find it very  comfortable unlike if I had it all over my head.


My hair is so strong, healthy and moisturised after this it is a true miracle worker, my mother recently tried it after my recommendation and her hair that has been coloured and styled (without heat protector ) for years is now moisturised and healthy.

I noticed this coconut oil as a hair mask made my mother’s frizzy hair smooth so if you suffer from frizzy hair try this it may make a difference.

I’m curious to know what you use coconut oil for ? Hope you enjoyed the first post in JULOGGING ! I will be blogging every day in July, Thanks for reading Xxx

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