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Things I would Tell My High School Self!

Follow me: Things I would Tell My High School Self Every time I think about my high school self I feel like slapping myself in the face, I asked around and not many people enjoy who they were in secondary school and I’m definitely one of them. If your still in Secondary School / High […]

How To Downsize Your Makeup Bag!

Follow me: How To Downsize Your Makeup Bag For a very long time, i have had big makeup bags, putting everything but the kitchen sink into it and telling myself it was “just in case” the problem with that is you put things in you never actually use. But I have recently downsized to a […]

How To Take Care Of Your Eyelashes!

Follow me: How To Take Care Of Your Eyelashes I think that long lashes make a big defence to your face and really opens up your eyes. But we take are lashed for granted and never take really good care of them unlike our skin, hair and other parts of our body so these are […]

Coconut Oil As A Hair Mask, The Best Thing Ever!

Follow me: Coconut Hair Mask,The Best Thing Ever? I’ve recently bleached my hair and been very tariffed of it breaking off so I needed something heavy duty to keep my hair strong and healthy. That is when I found the miracle of Coconut oil for your hair, I’ve used coconut oil for ages for my […]