Bleaching My Hair Part 1

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Bleaching My Hair Part 1

Bleaching My Hair

I have been deliberating whether to bleach my hair for a wile now, reading up on the horror and success stories  and still I decided to do it.

Why I’m bleaching my hair is because I want to experiment with colour and my hair is so dark that nothing shows up.

So I booked into my favourite hair salon and asked for them to do an ombre bleach hair my colourist is really honest and told me that going to a white shade will be hard to do but because I have virgin hair ( never been bleached) it would be possible.

I didn’t find it burned or itched and the bleaching only lasted an hour but my big pice of advice for you is DONT TAKE YOUR MOTHER WITH YOU !!!

She has always been a bit of a pain when I change my hair but in the end she is always supportive but after an hour of bleaching she looked at my hair and said it was a lovely colour and that I should take off the bleach now instead of going lighter like I planned, the colourist agreed but said it was my decision and I decided to take it off, which was a mistake…

After it came off my hair looked nice a little brassy but I was going to tone it when I got home anyway ( probably should have asked the salon to do it ) in the end this cost £30 which is a bargain !

before Bleaching My Hair

As the day went on my hair got more yellow and brassy and after I toned it I realised that I should have stuck to my guns and keeper the bleach on longer, its not that I don’t like the hair its that I don’t love it.

But I wanted to see if I could colour my hair with wash out dye with the shade I have now but after having on a dark purple for 30 minutes it didn’t  even give it a tinge of purple.

I’m hopefully going to go back soon ( not too soon give yourself a week to keep your hair healthy) and making my hair as light as possible without wrecking my hair. So you’re going to see a part 2 soon.

Please tell me in the comments if you have bleached your hair white and what your experience was like! Thanks for reading Xxx

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