Urban Decay, Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette Review!

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Urban Decay, Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette Review

Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette

Recently i was in Debenhams just having a browse at the Urban Decay counter when something caught my eye…

A limited edition Palette!!!! they are always a killer for me as i have to get it if i like the colours. The beautiful palette that caught my eye was the new Alice Through The Looking Glass, the colours drew me instantly they were so vibrant unlike my usual neutral tones that i go for.

Im not going to lie to you this is a VERY expensive Palette costing £43 and when i payed for it i almost cried ! But i thought id do a review on it so you can decide for yourself if you think its worth it ?

Packaging –

As we all know bright packaging always catches your eye but this one is just out of this world ! The main colour theme is purple, blue and green an unusual pairings but it really works for this.

I was slightly disappointed when i opened  the flap at first as i thought there was going to be some cool minis of some of the other products in the range but unfortunately it was just a pop up butterfly, but thinking about it now it is a lovely added piece that really makes the packaging luxurious. I also like the detail with the mirror having a melted clock background and the words “ were all mad here” written on the mirror all together it is the most beautiful packaging Urban Decay has done so far.

Urban Decay Alice

Quantity –

You get 20 unusual eyeshadow colours in this palette unlike the Naked palettes were you just get 12 so you do get a lot in comparison to those but in the end it just depends if you like the colours or not.

Consistency –

They are very buttery and smooth with the glittered ones not being too chunky so it looks very subtle and light.

Colour Range –

I LOVE these colours there so unusual with greens,blues, chocolate browns and many others that you can see in the picture below they are all stunning and sometimes a bit wacky but it’s a Alison in wondering palette what do you expect.

Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette


This does have a wide range of pigmentation some are vibrant with one swipe like the colour  Paradox others take a bit more layering like Hatter but for such light colours they are nicely pigmented, i do wish they were slightly more vibrant but they do work.

Lasting Power –

Like all Urban Decay eyeshadows these last really well but because of the pigmentation some last better then others so i would recommend a eyeshadow primer underneath.

Overall –

I love this palette so much as it is unlike anything else I have and the colours are so different and beautiful you also get a double needed brush. My advice is for you to run down to your nearest Urban Decay counter and buy it wile you still can as it isn’t going to last long.

Do you have this palette?  please tell me in the comments what you think of it if you do. Thanks for reading sorry about the lateness of this post I’ve unfortunately been sick and for got to schedule it Xxx

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