8 Things To Know Before Bleaching Your Hair!

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8  Things To Know Before Bleaching Your Hair


I’ve recently decided that i want to bleach my hair lighter as i have very dark brown hair and cannot change the colour of it easily.

As i was researching  i found out some key things that i think everyone should know if you have dark hair like me or just want to bleach your hair in general this is the blog post for you.

  1. Really Think Through What You Want

Its easy to do things on a whim but with bleaching your hair you really have to think about it, My advice, get a picture you would like to achieve ,but be prepared to compromise.


  1. Book An Appointment With Your Hair Colourist Just To Chat

I know you’re excited but don’t just jump right into bleaching without having a proper talk with your colourist, you need to make sure your are both on the the same page before he/she gets their hands on your hair, make sure you’re very clear on what you want because the reverse process isn’t easy and sometimes doesn’t even work.

  1. Tell Them If you Don’t Plan On Getting Touch Ups

Being honest with your colourist is key, tell them that  you want it to grow out gracefully not in a big block of colour.



  1. Research Your Salon & Colourist

This is not a place to skimp on, you want a really good colourist to give you the best results  and minimise the damage bleaching does.


  1. You Have To Buy New  Shampoo & Conditioner

To maintain your new colour you have to get haircare especially for coloured hair or all that hard work at the salon is down the drain.



  1. The Texture Of Your Hair Can Change

Do you Love your curly locks? then maybe bleaching isn’t for you as it can change the texture of your hair and it can also change greasy hair into the Sahara desert!

  1. Your Hair May Never Be The Same Again

They say it’s hard to get back to your natural colour after bleaching and the only way to do it is to grow it out and even then it may not be the same as before.


  1. If You Do Decide To Bleach Your Hair Use A Hair Mask

If you’ve read this entire blog post and still decide to go ahead make sure you use a VERY moisturising hair mask ALL OVER your hair not just at the ends this prepares the hair for the bleach and gives it a boost of moisture.

Have you bleached your hair? are you going too? please tell me what experiences you’ve had with it and if you found this post helpful I still plan to bleach my hair but what are your thoughts?! Thanks for reading Xxx

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