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7 thing you can use green tea for

Glass teapot

Exfoliated Mask –


You can simply cut open the bags after they’ve cooled down and rub them on your face but i prefer to use it with yogurt.

Bowl and spoon with yogurt on white background, close up

A small pot of Yogurt mixed with 3 lots of green tea from a bag  gently massage it on your face then leave it on your skin for 15 minutes after your skin will feel tight and smooth.

Relaxing Bath –


This is the most simple thing ever but i always do it,  just fill your bath and put 2-4 tea bags in while its running , its so relaxing and moisturising plus it smells really good like a spa.

Hair Mask –


Put 2 tea bags in boiling water wait until cool or lukewarm ( please don’t burn yourself !)and then pore on your hair leave  on for 15-20 minutes then wash off.

Skin Toner –


Boil water in something you can easily pore then put a tea bags let completely cool and then transfer it into a old toner bottle then store in the fridge  and use it for  3 days before making a new one .

Soothing the eyes –


Boil water then use 1-2 tea bags , let it cool completely then put in fridge , then dip in cotton pads and put it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Helps you lose Weight –


This is not a quick fix and it only helps the process have only 1-3 a day, not more as its not addictive but can be abused, so don’t think drinking 18 a day will make you really skinny while still being healthy because it won’t.

Soothing Sun Burn –


Woman with Sunburnt Back

Do the whole boiling water thing using 3 tea bags then keep it in the fridge to make sure its completely cold then use a cloth to sooth the sunburn , trust me wait until its completely cold it will feel SO MUCH BETTER.

I hope you enjoyed my post on 7 Thing You Can Use Green Tea For, Is there anything you use green tea for that i haven’t mentioned ? If so please tell me in the comments. Thank you for reading Xxx

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