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DIY Lip Scrub ( Simple and Easy )

Ive been looking for a lip scrub for ages and was about to buy one from Lush when i thought … I can just make one !!!


I didn’t want to do anything fancy or difficult so i made it super simple.

You Will Need –

A small mixing bowl / any small bowl



Pure  Virgin Olive Oil


A tea spoon

You can find any of these things in your kitchen or buy them at you local supermarket.

All You Need To Do –

Put 2-4 tea spoons full of sugar in the bowl.

Then 1-3 tea spoon full of olive oil

And mix …

That simple !!!  I find its easy to judge how much you need of each ingredient by looking, it also tastes really good and smells good too.


If you don’t have olive oil you can get Cocoanut oil or any oil you fancy.

I understand that  this is ridiculously simple and easy but i think thats just what people look for when making something , Thank You For Reading Xxx


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