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Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Review


Ive recently got my braces taken off and wanted to celebrate with buying some bright bold lipsticks but as I’m so lazy i went looking for a liquid lipstick.

So of course i went to Boots and Superdrug and started digging around picking up bits and bobs until i came along to the revolution section and saw some beautiful colours and had to grab some.

In the end i picked up two in different shades of purple Velvet Depravity and Velvet Vamp.  They cost £3.00 each so not that expensive and have very pretty packaging that makes it easy to see the colour in the tube .


I don’t like the smell , in my opinion it smells like paint i like my products to be subtle or with no sent at all.

The pigmentation is amazing and smooth with no patches and you can do it in one coat it also doesn’t cling to dry patches on your lips.

The lasting power is … Absolutely appalling i was SO disappointed with it as when i gave it a few minutes to dry it was still tacky so i gave it a little longer before i put my lips together , it came off instantly and very obviously not just a little in the venture but my whole inner lips.


This seemed like such a promising product but i found that it didn’t last a minute on my lips , This is the first product that i have ever tried from this makeup brand and it might be that this particular product has been bit of a mess so I’m still going to try different things in this brand and report back in the end though i really didn’t like this velvet lip lacquer and would not purchase again.

I hope you enjoyed my revolution salvation velvet lacquer review also if you have tried this product please give my your opinion on it and i would also like to know your favourite drugstore Lip Lacquer  Thank you for reading Xxx

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