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5 Accessories You Need In Your Life!

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5 Accessories You Need In Your Life

You don’t need loads of accessories but i would recommend some staples that can change an ordinary look.


These thing are my personal picks  everyone is different but these thing in my opinion is a must have.

  1. Floppy Hat –

I think this is a staple for summer and autumn for me , its brilliant for when you have greasy or messy hair and makes you look classy and polished and you can pair it with dresses , jeans , skirts almost anything , it doesn’t matter if its a casual outfit or more formal it works for both plus i love it in black or cream.

Floppy Hat


  1. Pearl Studded Earrings ( Studded Earrings ) –

For ages i could not find the perfect earrings for everyday as i would like a pair that i could sleep with , finally i found a pearl and diamond studded earrings that were comfortable to wear  and it was a game changer it really complemented my face and made me look more put together even when i just throw stuff on , its such a small thing but really does change your look , i really love pearl earrings and i think they look classy and polished but you can get any simple , comfortable studded earrings you like.

Pearl Earrings


  1. Nude Heels-

I don’t know what i would do without my nude heels if I’m in a rush and have topic something quick this is what i pick up it goes with everything and make you legs look soooooo long , there are many types of nude heels so just pick the style you like the most  and the size heel you can actually walk comfortably in.

Nude Heels


  1. Knee High Boots

This is a recent purchase but one i would highly recommend getting they make a outfit a lot more edgy and really elongates your legs i also find it makes you look more mature . This was a really expensive purchase for me but i had wanted it for a year so i just bought it and I’ve never looked back.


  1. Red Knitted  Beanie

This is a new thing for me but as i have very greasy hair i can’t believe i haven’t  had one before but i will never look back but i would recommend getting a better quality one as the one i have that i bought at New Look is way too itchy but I’m definitely going to pick up a more expensive one that is more comfortable , I say red as it looks the best on my hair and gives my outfit a pop of colour but you can chose any colour  you want , i also like the look of the texture of knitted hat but again it personal choice.

Knee High Boots

These  are my personal picks  but i would love to know yours and maybe give me  2 words that describe your style ,mine would be Classy and Edgy.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 accessories you need in your life post and id love to know what are your must have fashion accesories. Thanks for reading Xxx

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