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Skincare For Teenagers


My mother has always told me the best way to prevent ageing is to start a good skincare young and i would have to agree. When i first started wearing makeup  a little blush and mascara i didn’t even think about washing it off and as i grew into my teenage self i began experimenting still light makeup but i started to use light foundations and concealers still just using face wipes but as i started going through the spotty stage and began to start getting more into skincare.

I really believe that starting a good skincare early (12-13) is the key to keep yourself looking younger and when you wear makeup it can  be really bad for your skin, I’m not saying you should have a super expensive and complicated routine but a simple one would do.

Cleanse –

For teenagers 12-14 you really don’t need anything fancy just a simple gentle cleanser that you can use day and night that won’t be too harsh on your skin. My personal favourites are …

  1. Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion 200ml £3.29 you can find this at Boots.10002009

2. Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Cleanser 150ml  £7.99, you can find this at Boots


3.  VITAMIN E CREAM CLEANSER 200ml £9.50, you can get this at The Body Shop.


These are just some I’ve tried that i rally like and that are not too expensive don’t forget when you cleanse to also do your neck.


Some people say you don’t need toner but i think its part of even out your skincare making it more balanced, i usually have ones that treat my skin ether for spotty skin , redness or dry skin  my two favourites  are …

  1. Tee Tree Toner Water 100g £4.50 ,Lush.Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water Review
  2. Eau Roma Water 100g £4.50 , Lush images

These are both very good toners and my personal favourites as the Tee Tree Toner is good for spots/acne and the Roma Toner is good at reducing redness.


After stripping your skin its important to  put back some moisture otherwise your skin will get oily to compensate , my favourite are…

  1. VITAMIN C GLOW BOOSTING MOISTURISER 50ml £16, you can find this at The Body Shop blogger-image--287645528
  2. Simple  organic Cocoanut oil , any health food shop or supermarket. 4178WAURKCL._SY300_

Again make sure you put some on your neck.These are the main things that should be done twice daily  as a routine  but i also recommend these to add with helping  yourself  keep youthful.

Eye Cream-

1. Pure organic Coconut oil , any supermarket.

  1. No7 Early Defence Eye Cream , £13.50 Boots. 10193856

This for me is very important as your  under eyes are one of the first to age , but you must make sure it light and not too heavy.

The very last thing is for spotty/acne prone skin i wont go too in-depth as i will be doing a blogpost about this soon

  1. Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick , 10ml, £ 3.29 Superdrug. 2338938
  2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] 40ml  £15.50La_Roche_Posay_Effaclar_Duo___30ml_1393325780

These are things i think you should really do when your a teenager or when you start wearing makeup. Thank You For Reading Xxx

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