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How To Deal With Looking Young When Your 18+

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How To Deal With Looking Young When Your 18+

This must be a little odd for some people but for me this is a real thing and I’m hopping I’m not the only one who struggles with this !



-Sarah Jane Hyland age 25

Im 19 and i must admit i don’t really act my age but seriously when I can’t get a 12 rated movie because i don’t have ID thats just a little annoying if it was a 18 rated film id say fair enough but 12 REALLY !!!!!

There are many annoying draw backs for looking young but i find they really manifest when you turn 18 and feel more like an adult but are not treated like one.



-Ariana Grande age 22

When i was getting a bra fitted a lovely  lady helped me and though she was lovely she treated me like i was 15 telling me that growth spurts were natural and if i kept wanting to ask my mum who i was shopping with at the time , in no way do i blame her as she was really nice and helpful but it just reminded me that i look so young.


-Felicity Jones age 32


Ellen-Page-1-Ellen Page age 28

But with all the bad don’t forget the good  as people who look their age don’t get treated as kindly like if you’ve don something wrong people are more understanding as they think your young when you’re not and just screwed up and don’t forget the biggest one of all …

You’re going to look younger longer ! when all your friends are 40 you will look 25 and everyone wants that !

Now I’m going to give you little tips that i have found personally help with looking young but in no way am i telling you that you have to do these things , maybe you love looking young but this is when you go out for events when you feel like you want to be treated like an adult.

Darken up your eyes !

I find that darkening up your eye makeup makes you look older. I’m not talking about full on black rock goddess eyes just a little bit of black eyeliner or shadow in your outer corner.

Darken up your lips !

any dark lip will make you look older but don’t overdo the eyes if your going to do the lips as it will look too much but a vampy or brown lip will look lovely with just massacre and a bit of light eyeshadow.

Dress to impress !

I’m not saying go for low tops and short skirts just dress age appropriate and more grown up and classy.



-Nina Dobrev age 27

I know these are simple but they do work and i feel you shouldn’t  change too much because it isn’t you , i know its annoying to be treated like a kid but you will grow out of it and its not the end of the world but i get why it bothers you as its done with me but we just have to get on with it and enjoy the perks.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about how to deal with looking young when your 18+ Comment if you feel the same way and what is your most embarrassing moment of when people think you are younger than you are. Thank you for reading Xxx

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